Join the Association for Women in Architecture!

Everyone is welcome to attend our Quarterly Gatherings and become involved.
Annual dues for professionals are currently $35, and student memberships have been discounted to $15. We understand the current economic situation is affecting everyone in our field, however, and are able to work with members on an individual basis to determine an appropriate contribution.

The Association for Women in Architecture (AWA) is a non-profit,educational organization. Founded in 1978 as a grassroot organization to provide networking and professional support to local women architects, the AWA has grown to nearly 150 members, including landscape architects and construction managers since its incorporation in 1988. In 1994, the AWA was cited by Progressive Architecture as a leader among grassroots professional associations of architects.

AWA Values

Educate ourselves and the community about issues relating to women in architecture, the architectural    profession, and the built environment
Provide a forum for information exchange among ourselves and other organizations
Empower women architects through recognition and support
Encourage diversity and inclusion rather than separatism
Promote social responsibility in professional activities
Collaborate with other organizations toward common goals
Engage proactively, with emphasis on activities rather than meeting